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3 Fashion photography photos

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12 Things

Me and Myself

Magazine Covers

Poetry and Photography 

Why did you choose these words to go with this image? I chose song lyrics to go with this picture since in the picture the guy looks very thoughtful as he looks into the field, I wanted the extra lyrics at the end which say, “It’s a day i’m glad I survived”

How do you think an audience would interpret your work? I think the lyrics and vibe of the picture is very obvious as to what this picture can be hinting at, its a art piece more on the depressive side.

Georgia O’Keefe 

Selfie art 

10 words to describe 

  • Mystical
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Magical
  • Witchy
  • Purple
  • Silly
  • Realistic
  • Stylish
  • Inspiring
  • Energetic



Cultural Photography 

This image represents my culture because it shows my dads side of culture, he grew up in this ranch and to him this is a part of culture he shares with us, my dad comes from a very sunny side of Mexico next to the beach where you can actually see it behind all the grassy green, you see the ocean peaking by.

Here is another part of my dads culture where the thing Alexia is holding is very dear to Native culture which is Huichol art, which is also common in Tepic Mexico.

This would be a close up of the ranch where my dad comes from, my dad is a humble man so in a way being humble is apart of my culture.

Body Triptych 

10 words to describe the final image 

  • Grunge
  • Horror
  • Vintage
  • Old
  • Ill
  • Textured
  • Dark
  • Blue lighting
  • Contrast
  • Backdrops


Double exposure

Inspired by Bohemian Rhapsody


(Happy 🙂 & Sad 🙁 )


Motion Blur

Sandy Skoglund 

Paint like Wassily

Fill Flash

 HDR- Duck Dynasty 

I like my work however there’s hits and misses to it. Starting off with the misses I feel like my picture could’ve been clearer making it standout more. This could’ve been fixed with settings or a different lens maybe. Another miss in this picture would be the busy background is not defined enough. I think the background would’ve looked better with a nice defined overall look to it. As for the hits, I think the different setting was a step in the right direction. Shooting the same location of our school can get boring so a picture of this duck pond stands out. I also think another hit is the colors they’re very saturated which I like. I think another miss in this would also be the lack of clouds. And another hit would be the ducks because ducks are adorable.

Painting with light 

Book Face


I appreciate Mrs.Cauchon because of her radiant smile and she is always welcoming. Her room is like a safe space and I enjoy being there every day. To me I feel like I could tell her anything. I also really appreciate her sense of humor she inspires me to pursue my art career and It shows to me that I could follow my dreams. She allows me to be myself.

I also really like that Mrs.Cauchon supports others and to me at least there’s never a dull moment. I also enjoy the class in general it keeps your mind going and keeps your creativeness going. I also enjoy the class it is genuinely the most fun class I have right now. I think its interesting that Mrs.Cauchon takes action on pushing businesses forward as she gave a clear example to the salon in boston she showed us in class. Overall Im glad to have her as a teacher. Also this picture is inspired by her talk to the hamsa design!


Political Poster 

I made this poster to represent the multitude of sexual assault survivors mainly in American schools. I feel this way because many students get sexually assaulted by students and teachers too, but yet the school doesn’t do anything until it’s too late. The most recent situation of a school teacher getting arrested for sexual assault here at Jurupa influenced this choice, my heart goes out to the survivors and the many more unspoken members he’s assaulted. I just think the school handled the situation poorly, I wish they spoke out about it and try to get words from more student survivors instead of sweeping this under the rug.

Double Exposure Assignment 

Inspired by the three wise monkey’s statue

Screen print design

Design drawn by me!

Me in 10 years

Me in 10 years 

So at first I was unsure of what I would do in 10 years from now, however I went for a more simplistic approach or broad approach. First of all, the setting I wanted it to have lots of greenery in terms of nice trees in a nice street. I would like to move to Seattle or maybe Oregon ten years from now. I prefer colder places so I don’t think I would enjoy living in a desert like place like here in California. I also don’t like how winter here in California is not very cold lowest it usually is, would be like 50 degrees.

As for myself I would hope to finish my masters degree so that would be a total of 10 years, around there since I plan to be a lawyer. If not I think I would hope to get my masters degree shortly after that. I plan to be a family lawyer so lawyers who deal with family problems like divorce. I also hope to have a dog hopefully a corgi. Maybe not exactly 10 years after but after I settle in with a job. I also plan to get a cat, I’ve been wanting one but I could only get one once I move out.

I also added a camry because my dad said he would buy me a car like a camry. Not sure what car I would like, not much of a car person so I can’t say which are the best and such. I also added money because it would be great to earn lots of it in the future. I also added a plane at the top because I want to travel in my late 30’s maybe? Not sure when but at some point for sure.


Studio light portraits 

Photo Block Assignment 

18 pictures assignments

David Hockney Style photo

Low-Key Lighting Portrait



Mirrored image


Projection image

!Zoom into my eye! 1/25 sec f/22 35mm ISO 10000


Nature and man

1/320 sec f/4 21mm ISO 100


Shallow depth of field




Photo Experience